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Support Group Development Programme

Costs increase £50 per 15 additional attendees. Costs include travel within Greater London.  HoardingUK works to ensure all travel costs outside this area are as inexpensive as possible.  HoardingUK seeks approval from services for all additional costs.


Support Group Development Programme
(Year Long Model)

  • Training takes place once a month for six months
  • Support group for people being supported by professionals runs alongside the training six months
  • After six months the group is handed over to the organisation creating a sustainable and on-going support model
  • Includes all aspects of two-day training, including motivational interviewing
  • Ongoing integrated case management
  • Outcomes are policy and practice tools as well as an action plan

For questions or to book this training please contact SupportGroup @ HUK .


Professional Training (6 sessions)

Up to 15 trainees:  £2,100
16 to 30 trainees:  £2,100

(No restrictions on professional attendees.  Focus of work is on the professionals directly supporting the clients in the group.  Others attend as observers.  Service provides training/support group space.)


What They Say

“Very inspiring training. Wonderful. Thank you very much, HoardingUK are doing fantastic work.”

“I really enjoyed the training and the openness; knowledge and passion brought the topic to life.”

“The trainer’s knowledge and sensitivity to the subject was much appreciated.”

“I now have a clearer more understandable insight into hoarding. I will definitely reflect on this training day for many years to come.”

“I feel I can take on the world.”

“I am excited to take what I have learnt to help develop our organisation’s protocol with hoarding.”

“I will certainly be using the HoardingUK website for more information”.

“Training was very informative and provided us with a lot of skills and knowledge. Expectations where exceeded”.

“Probably the most interesting training course I have ever attended. My knowledge of hoarding has gone from zero to 10 in one day, just fantastic."

“I found it inspiring and insightful and the passion from the trainer was tangible.”

“Excellent course needs to be spread wider in communities and organisations.”

The goal of HoardingUK is to empower organisations, not to be the hub of the wheel.  
All our training and services are designed to impact practice, improve outcomes and allow organisations to take expertise in-house.

For further information about HoardingUK training, please contact us.

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